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Have you ever taken a course or pursued a professional development opportunity, only to find that it had limited relevance to your life and work? Relevance should be a central consideration for all learning program design. When you design a learning experience, ask yourself, will people remember this information? How will they use it?

A great deal of investment goes into the design and launch of a new learning program. If we want the learning program design to make an impact on learners, we must thoughtfully articulate the goals and carefully plan the implementation.

I can help you communicate your goals, design your learning program, and plan for effective implementation. As we plan and launch our programs, we will leverage new technologies and make decisions based on research about the ways people learn.

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Professional learning program design

Higher Ed learning program design

Higher education learning program design

Teacher and Facilitator Training training on a laptop

Teacher and facilitator training

What it’s like to collaborate with Kara

My Guiding Principles


I honor the trust of my collaborators.


I am eager to learn in depth about the goals for each collaboration. I welcome feedback.


I look for solutions in unexpected places and encourage others to do the same.

Professionalism and Reliability

I commit to polished, professional conduct and consistent, prompt communication.

Evidence-Based Recommendations

All guidance is based on research in the science of learning.

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Professional learning program design

I collaborate with organizations to design customized learning programs based on their strategic goals. I can help you design in-person or virtual onboarding and development programs for new and existing employees. Working in collaboration, we will design learning programs that help your teams define and hone the skills they need to achieve your company’s mission.

Higher education learning program design

I advise educational administrators and faculty on undergraduate and graduate-level program design. I have particular expertise in and designing comprehensive learning programs that emphasize core competencies and transferable skills. I also have expertise in online teaching tools and best practices.

Teacher and facilitator training

I work with teachers and facilitators on developing courses, devising assessments, and implementing interactive activities, especially in virtual environments. I customize teacher and facilitator training based on modality (online, in-person, or blended) and your organization’s individual needs.

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