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Have you ever taken a course or pursued a professional development opportunity, only to find that it had limited relevance to your life and work? Relevance should be a central consideration for all learning program design. When you design a learning experience, ask yourself, will people remember this information? How will they use it?

A great deal of investment goes into the design and launch of a new learning program. If we want the learning program to make an impact on learners, we must thoughtfully articulate the goals and carefully plan the implementation.

I can help you communicate your goals, design your learning program, and plan for effective implementation. As we plan and launch our programs, we will leverage new technologies and make decisions based on research about the ways people learn.

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Customized curriculum and program design

Onboarding for new employees learning program design

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Facilitator Guides and Training

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My Guiding Principles


I honor the trust of my collaborators.


I am eager to learn in depth about the goals for each collaboration. I welcome feedback.


I look for solutions in unexpected places and encourage others to do the same.

Professionalism and Reliability

I commit to polished, professional conduct and consistent, prompt communication.

Evidence-Based Recommendations

All guidance is based on research in the science of learning.

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Customized curriculum and program design

I collaborate with corporate leaders to design customized learning opportunities based on their strategic goals. I can work with external vendors and/or your internal learning and development team. Together, we’ll create and implement learning programs that help your employees define and hone the skills they need to achieve your company’s mission.

Onboarding for new employees

An intentionally designed onboarding program acclimates new employees to a company’s mission, culture, and values. I work with learning and development leaders to design virtual and in-person programs that give new employees a sense of belonging and help them thrive during their first year.

Facilitator Guides and Training

Do you lack the trained facilitators that will allow you to offer popular learning programs more broadly across your organization? I help learning and development leaders write clear, simple lesson guides and train facilitators, even volunteers who have no prior experience.

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